Why Have A Convention of States (COS)

The 34 State agreement required to convene a COS will be reached soon to pass US Constitution Amendments to: 1) Require a Federal Balanced Budget; and 2) Set Term Limits for Federal Elective Service. A third amendment could be: 3) Return Federal Public Land to the States.
All US States (except Vermont) have a State Balanced Budget Requirement.
Most US States have State Legislator Term Limits. A 12-year Federal Legislative Service Limit would “term-out” more than 50% of the US Senate and 25% of the US House. Note: 23% of the US Senate is age 65 to 69, 27% is age 70+ and the oldest US Senator is 87.
The Federal Government currently owns over 27% of America. When America was formed (and for the next 50-years) the Federal Government owned under 5% of America. When 12 Western States were added, the Federal Government owned over 50% of their total land (577 million acres).

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