Intact Families Helped Make America Great

Two parent families have made a big difference in American upward mobility economically. Since the 1960’s: Black children living in intact families are likely to experience: 60% more college graduation, 3 times less poverty, and 2 times less incarceration (according to Dr. Brad Wilcox in an American Cornerstone Institute WebCon11 July 7, 20212Dr. Ben Carson and John Gibbs participated).

Some Blacks have experienced greater poverty than some Whites due to Class differences (not Race). The secret to success for many in economically depressed areas is: Finish High School, Get a Job, Get Married, Have Kids After Marriage. Taking personal responsibility is critical to success.

Many believe the Government Efforts since 1965 to Eliminate Poverty have actually Created More Poverty by fostering a Breakdown of the Family Unit, Providing Poor Education, Creating a Welfare State and Outsourcing Jobs. It is up to Government NOW to fix this and do what’s right for ALL the American People.

How Can We Help Build Intact Families?

  1. Make it clear there is a good reason to have two parents in the home and believe in the importance of a family unit.
  2. Make it clear that two parents mean a male father and a female mother. Both sexes have different things they bring to the family. In today’s world children are created by male father’s and female mother’s. Maybe in the future there could be test tube babies created by science, but we’re not there yet. If same sex partners want to adopt needy children and can give them a good life, that’s great.
  3. Make it clear that being a Family Unit is Good… that’s how civilization has progressed since the beginning of human kind.
  4. Support other families who need help along the way.
  5. Do your best with your own family to set the bar for others to follow.

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