How Do You Build A Communist Society

To Build a Communist Society Do The Following:
1) Identify cohorts and enemies, reward supporters, punish non-supporters.
2) Drive your communism message continuously (define truth, rewrite history, make your story a religion, focus on youth and the needy, become a de facto parent figure).
3) Oversee basic needs (energy, food, education, technology, transportation, health care, law enforcement).
4) Manage the economy, communications and the workforce (pick winners, unionize).
5) Consume resources without constraints (create dependency, enrich insiders).
6) Suppress differing views (elections, social media, religion).
7) Create issues and crisis when needed to accomplish goals.
8) Take no responsibility for failure.
9) Build a strong enforcement/surveillance capability and monitor everything.
10) Use absolute force when required (project power, create fear, remove/weaken counter-force elements).

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