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Covid VAX Should Not Be Mandated

Covid-19 is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza. Only the health-compromised and elderly are at risk. Using available treatment therapeutics would have saved millions of lives globally. All current Covid-19 vaccines do more harm than good and their risks exceed their benefits. They do not work for prevention, which is their purpose,  Full Article…

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Marxist Manifesto (Circa 1850)

1. The whole Country shall be declared a single and indivisible Republic. 2. All People, having reached the age of 21, shall have the right to vote and to be elected, provided they have not been convicted of a criminal offense. 3. Representatives of the people shall receive payment so that workers, too, shall be  Full Article…

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Trump 2020 Arizona Election Fraud Audit

Trump lost the Arizona 2020 Election by 10,457 votes statewide. The $5.71 Million Arizona Senate Maricopa County 2020 Final Election Audit Report was issued September 24, 2021. The Audit identified 50,000 to 75,000 ballots that appeared to be fraudulent in the County where Phoenix and the State Capitol is located. Additional suspect ballots have been  Full Article…

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The Emergency Powers Myth

When the states formed the federal government in 1789, they did so pursuant to the Constitution. The Constitution was written to establish and limit the federal government. In 1791, just two years later, the Constitution was amended to add the Bill of Rights. The original understanding of the Bill of Rights was that it restrained  Full Article…

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British Riot Act of 1715

At the request of King George, a BRITISH RIOT ACT was passed July 20,1715 to control riots in the Homeland and the Colonies. If 12 our more people were disturbing the peace or in an unlawful assembly a Magistrate could “READ THE RIOT ACT” giving them a period of time to disperse (usually 15-minutes or  Full Article…

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Why The Electoral College Exists

For those people who fell asleep in civics class… There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Donald Trump won 2,626 of them. Hillary Clinton won 487. There are 62 counties in New York State. Donald Trump won 46 of them. Hillary Clinton won 16. Yet Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5  Full Article…

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The Electoral College and The Census

If you are wondering why Democrats made such a big issue about the proposed “Are You A Citizen” question on the census, this is why. The population of each state determines the number of Representatives in Congress each state can have and thus determines the number of electoral votes for the state. Electoral votes are  Full Article…

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Liberal or Left – What’s The Difference

If you tell the average American you’re a liberal they will assume you’re on the political left. Yet, leftists and liberals hold very different positions on key issues. In this video, Dennis Prager explains how the tenets of liberalism like a belief in capitalism and free speech have more in common with conservatism than with  Full Article…

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American Government Explained

Our Founders chose a Republic form of government because it was based on the Rule of Law which gave the people power and freedom and restricted the control of government. They knew that on the left (Monarchy, Dictatorship, Socialism, Communism,) there would be a majority of government control and on the right (Anarchy) there would  Full Article…

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What Made George Washington Great

It’s only fitting on July 4th that we give some credit to George Washington who had all the qualities we need in our Presidents. This excellent video narrated by John Rhodehamel made by PragerU was on YouTube. Please Click the Video Link below to view the 5 minute presentation.

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