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How Did Slavery End

Most people are not well informed about slavery and it’s history in the world and America. Slaves were people who were taken against their will to provide labor or services for others. This was not a race issue… it was an economic issue (even though most slaves were black Africans). Historically, other forms of slavery  Full Article…

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American Government Explained

Our Founders chose a Republic form of government because it was based on the Rule of Law which gave the people power and freedom and restricted the control of government. They knew that on the left (Monarchy, Dictatorship, Socialism, Communism,) there would be a majority of government control and on the right (Anarchy) there would  Full Article…

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What Made George Washington Great

It’s only fitting on July 4th that we give some credit to George Washington who had all the qualities we need in our Presidents. This excellent video narrated by John Rhodehamel made by PragerU was on YouTube. Please Click the Video Link below to view the 5 minute presentation.

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The American Form of Government Video

We don’t know who made this video, but they deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor. In 10 minutes the video clearly explains: WHAT the American Government is actually all about, HOW it differs from other choices our Founders could have made, and WHY it is the best choice for our Nation. Please take the time  Full Article…

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