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Spending Matters In Times of Inflation and High Debt

If inflation ever gets out of control, it’s easier to deal with it in a lower-debt environment. High levels of debt are problematic. Growing debt means growing spending, along with the government expanding in size and scope. Generally, such spending crowds out the private sector. This dispels the hope that more spending will produce economic  Full Article…

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Marxist Manifesto (Circa 1850)

1. The whole Country shall be declared a single and indivisible Republic. 2. All People, having reached the age of 21, shall have the right to vote and to be elected, provided they have not been convicted of a criminal offense. 3. Representatives of the people shall receive payment so that workers, too, shall be  Full Article…

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American Unions in Government

Most Federal, State and Local Government Employees work under some form of Civil Service Agreement that gives them a high-degree of job security (as long as they pass tests and follow rules). However, Government Unions are becoming more prominent to negotiate wages and work rules with Governments on behalf of their Membership (Collective Bargaining). The  Full Article…

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American Civil Service In Government

American Federal, State and Local Civil Service was established to incentivize hiring employees paid by taxpayers, usually at a lower than market rate, after they passed an entrance examination with the expectation to be vested in their position after a probationary period. After vesting, government employees have legal assurance they may keep their job as  Full Article…

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